Jarkko Sipilä is a Finnish journalist and author of the Helsinki Homicide-series. He has written over 20 crime novels since 1996. In the signature police procedural -series, his protagonist is Lieutenant Detective Kari Takamaki at the Helsinki Police Violent Crimes Unit.

Takamaki, unlike some Nordic fictional police characters is not a boozing wildcat, but the ultimate professional who directs his team to track down criminals in an organized fashion.

By 2018 Sipila has published eighteen Takamaki-novels in Finnish. Six have been translated into English in the Helsinki Homicide -series. Also, two of his books are available in German and so far one in Italian.

Dark side of Helsinki was published in 2018. It tells true stories from the darker side of Helsinki’s history.

Jarkko Sipila has worked a crime reporter since 1991 and is now is the head of Crime News unit at the Finnish Channel 3 TV News.